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Frequently Asked Questions

The Most Frequently Asked Questions are...

  • Do I pay to use the service of Quotemeon.co.za
  • No, Not at all. To post a quote request is totally free.
  • Does my details get used for anything else or given out to any 3rd party?
  • Not at all we will only send your details to the supplier that wants to quote on your request.
  • Can people ask to use me instead of other suppliers?
  • Yes, Of course they can select the option use to use you instead of putting the quote out.
  • When do I receive the Quote Requesters details?
  • Once you have selected the quote, you will need 1 credit to get the customers details. Which we will e-mail you.
  • How do I know the quote has been accepted?
  • Once you get the customers details you will need to negotiate with them. We do not control who gets the Job.
  • To how many categories can I be assigned to?
  • To as many as you want.
  • How many credits are used on 1 Quote Request?
  • 1 Credit is equal to 1 Quote Request.

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